Roof Maintenance and Why They’re Important

Everyone knows how important roof maintenance is to a home. So why is it that many homeowners do not take the time to schedule needful appointments? Perhaps it’s a lack of time. Or perhaps it’s the small fee. Or perhaps it literally just skips their mind. Who knows. But one thing is true, roof maintenance is needed to lengthen the life span of the roof. It is also needed to reduce roof emergencies. Without roof maintenance a very tiny fixable problem can grow into an expensive emergency issue.

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Annual Maintenance and its Benefits

One form of maintenance is roof cleaning. Roof cleaning once a year could possibly save the home owner thousands of dollars. Different forms of organisms such as algae and mildew can cause quite a bit of damage to roofs. However, there are certain types of bacteria and fungus that does a lot more damage than algae and mildew. Organisms such as lichens and also moss are known to do significant harm to roofs. They actually decompose roofs, making them weak and eventually collapsing them. The breaking down of roofs that that are caused by these harmful organisms cost homeowners thousands of dollars every year.

Annual roof cleaning removes all types of organisms that may be eating away at the roof. The roofing company uses a special solution to spray down the roof. The solution that is sprayed will kills the bacteria and prohibit it’s growth. Prior to that they will scrub down all areas that appear to have these types of organisms growing on them.

The roofing contractor will examine the roof looking for all the ways that the roof is collecting moisture. Perhaps the gutters are clogged. Clogged gutters can cause water or melted snow to collect in one area rather than drain onto the ground. This collected area can cause fungus to grow. Not only can it cause fungus to grow, but it can also cause the roof to become weighted down due to the roof becoming saturated. Which can cause the roof to fall in.

During a maintenance check roofers should always take a look at the gutters to make sure they are draining correctly. If not they will generally clear the gutters of all debris. Also the professional contractor will check analyze the shingles that are on the roof. If the shingles are lifted up, instead of lying flat on the roof this could cause rain to settle underneath the shingle. A simple repair procedure which includes nailing down all shingles should do the trick. Nailing down the shingles will prevent water from settling underneath.

Once the insulation underneath the shingles have been soaked with water the roofing contractor will have to do a little more extensive work. The installation material will have to be entirely removed and replaced with new dry installation. It is a good idea for the home owner not to put off having this done, though it may be considered a roof repair instead of roof maintenance. Roof repairs are typically outside of the cost of an annual maintenance check.

Another significant issue that could cause moisture to stand in one place or to accumulate are holes in the roof that could cause leaks. A large hole could easily appear overnight during a storm or heavy winds. If a large tree branch falls, that area of the roof can easily be punctured. A punctured area that is left unattended can cause lots of damage. This type of damage can cause much more than just mildew to form. If repairs do not take place immediately the damage can be extensive. Large punctures can cause streams of water to run down into the home. Obviously this causes a huge amount of damage to the floors and furniture. If punctures are identified early, before the next shower or storm, perhaps the damage minimized.

When there are tiny holes throughout the roof due to roof decomposure, leaks will began form. The walls will become wet with water and the rugs on the floor will become drenched. If the home owner is getting regular maintenance checks,these small holes caused by deterioration will be noticed. With a little patching up these holes can be prohibited from causing wall and floor damage. In some cases leaks can be missed for months. The only way they are noticed in some cases are by the musty smell of mold and rot. A lot of expensive damage has been done.

Keeping yearly annual or once ever two year maintenance appointments is worth it. Yes, everyone has a busy schedule, but normally the visits do not take that long. Also, if cost is a consideration the amount of the yearly maintenance cost is very small compared to a major repair or emergency that could occur if it is not noticed in time.