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After a short hiatus NUWJ is back for 2017. View the latest edition here. In this edition we welcome new editor Andre Van Eymeren and feature Christian responses to the New Urban Agenda, which is setting the tone for the development of cities over the next 20 years. Andreana Reale writes about how cities can be affordable, accessible and equitable. Dr Maria Pompea shares from her experience in the art world the importance of combining faith, art and beauty towards the restorative good. As a feature column we also have a Christian response to the Trump administration by Dr Tony Campolo.





The 2015 edition of New Urban World journal is now available as free pdf here. Includes feature articles from Paul Thompson and Lynne Taylor, Mats Tunehag, Judith Johnston and Ian Allsop as well asbook reviews, regular columns and reports from the urban mission world.


New Urban World Journal 5The November 2014 edition of New Urban World journal is now available as free pdf here.  Includes feature articles from John Perkins, Bob Lupton and Robert Linthicum as well as book reviews, poetry, regular columns and reports from the urban mission world

New Urban World is the official journal of the International Society for Urban Mission. This magazine-style journal aims to amplify voices for urban Christian discipleship and transformation in cities with the broader Church and society. It especially seeks to engage and inspire emerging urban Christian leaders and highlight the new challenges urban slums pose Christian faith and mission. New Urban World includes scholarly articles, in addition to accessible news, stories, opportunities for involvement, reviews, poetry and pictures from diverse urban Christians.

Joel Ickes is the Managing editor and Darren Cronshaw is the Senior Editor of New Urban World Journal, and they are supported by a team of Regional Associate Editors.  ISUM releases two editions a year. The first edition was released in November 2012.

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Contact editor@newurbanworld.org with any questions regarding the New Urban World Journal.

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Seeking Urban Shalom:

Integral Urban Mission in a New Urban World


With slums on the rise, where would Jesus be found today if not alongside activists standing in the gap for the most marginalized and vulnerable people on the planet? With a foreword by Tony Campolo, Seeking Urban Shalom offers the best of the 2013 International Society of Urban Mission (ISUM) Summit exploring neighborhood development, advocacy, trafficking, church planting, dialogue and leadership development.  The authors are grassroots practitioners who will open your eyes and expand your mind about relevant biblical, strategic, demographic, humanitarian and global justice issues for integral urban mission in our increasingly urbanized world.

“When the International Society for Urban Mission was first formed in Klong Toey slum, January 2012, we knew something of the needs of our new urban world. What we didn’t know was who shared our willingness to find new ways forward with others. God brought together 200 urban Christian activists, thinkers and leaders for the first ISUM Summit. This Summit’s theme “Integral Urban Mission” is about the whole of life being important to God. Too many have either focused solely on the spiritual or solely on the material, but Christian faith insists we serve an incarnating God. “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14). We recognized that our own peace is tied up with the Shalom of God in our cities and therefore requires integral connections between God, people and the earth.This volume is a collaborative effort, detecting what we saw the Spirit might be calling the people of God to give attention to. We hope the resources and relationships generated by the Summit will help find more faithful and relevant responses to this new urban world.“

–       Ash Barker, PhD (Convener, International Society for Urban Mission)

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ISUM Briefing Papers from the ISUM Summit in January 2013 are available for download and purchase here.


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