July 2017 – New Urban World Journal

After a short hiatus NUWJ is back for 2017. In this edition we welcome new editor Andre Van Eymeren and feature Christian responses to the New Urban Agenda, which is setting the tone for the development of cities over the next 20 years. Andreana Reale writes about how cities can be affordable, accessible and equitable. Dr Maria Pompea shares from her experience in the art world the importance of combining faith, art and beauty towards the restorative good. As a feature column we also have a Christian response to the Trump administration by Dr Tony Campolo. The current edition is available through ISUM Publications. Click here to read.

Editorial: Seeds of Shalom

As we anticipate this first edition of New Urban World many thoughts and ideas have raced through our minds and into our discussions. In this first issue we want to cover a wide range of ideas that have direct impact on urban ministry under our theme, Rise of the Urban Poor. How we look at the world of the urban poor will have a direct bearing on how we conceive of urban ministry and especially our role in this new era of modern missions that focuses on the city.

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