We’re excited to introduce Dr. Sonny Tha Nyan, coming from Yangon to share with us!

Sonny brings together nearly 40 years of experience in Christian International Relief and Development with actually 36 years focused on the building of an extensive range of human services through the International YMCA Network as General Secretary of the Yangon YMCA.

With educational credentials that enrich and mirror his deep experience, he holds MA and PhD degrees from University of Dublin.

The Yangon YMCA has grown under Sonny’s leadership to deliver a growing impact of integrated social services in the love of God, not only through the Yangon YMCA, but also through a network of health centers, schools, and early childhood development centers. Further, the Yangon YMCA has developed an innovative micro-finance program that has impacted over a thousand mostly women clients with radically increased economic opportunity across Yangon.

After hurricane Nargis, Sonny also managed to greatly leverage international and local relationships to bring significant relief to thousand of affected people in the impacted areas.

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