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The latest edition of New Urban World journal is now available as free pdf here. Includes feature articles from Paul Thompson and Lynne Taylor, Mats Tunehag, Judith Johnston and Ian Allsop as well as book reviews, regular columns and reports from the urban mission world.

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Book Review

Book Review: Beyond the Beautiful Forever

Annawadi enjoys a precarious existence at the edge of the Mumbai International Airport.  A slum of around 3,000 people with very little to differentiate it from the vast array of slums around Mumbai, it has gained a level of international attention on the release of Katherine Boo’s book “Beyond the Beautiful Forever”.  The book follows the life of Annawadi over a 4 year period and while it reads like a novel, the characters and their lives are very much real, captured by Katherine who visited the area daily for long periods between 2007 and 2011.

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